Mosca Boats all started in early 2004 when I purchased a new boat and didn't get the options I wanted. I wanted a boat that was simple in layout, was quiet, had shallow draft and something that would include a lot of standard options.

I could not find a boat that had all the standard options that I wanted and in the end after adding many additional options, I ended up spending a small fortune. So being that my boat purchase was a bit frustrating and still didn't have the boat I wanted, I designed one.

All of our boats are built with proven quality. They are all composite, no wood construction, and the quietest hulls you can imagine. We pay attention to each and every boat we make to be sure someone will have a long lasting durable boat without maintenance nightmares.

MOSCA BOATS are built with the finest materials such as anti-blistering gel coats, barrier coat, composite materials for Stringer System and Transom, epoxy anti-blistering resin, and close cell foams.

Our team is made of professionals and perfectionists, which we take enormous pride in upholding the fine traditions of quality and skill. We are so confident in our team of experts that we can offer the best warranty of any fishing boat built today.

We are located in Corpus Christi, Texas. We are open Monday thru Friday and welcome you to visit us. Just call and ask for a tour, we are glad to show you around.

Thanks again,

Cesar White
Mosca Boats
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